06 January 2010

Perkins Game Land - Directions

Perkins Game Land

The Perkins Game Land is located in Davie County. Perkins is not a state owned game land but is leased from Duke Power.  There are three parking areas to access the Perkins Game Land on Riverview Road.  To access the Perkins Game Land:

From the intersection of US Highway 64 and NC Highway 801; travel south on NC Highway 801 approximately 1.3 miles to Riverview Road on the left. After turning onto Riverview Road, travel approximately 100 yards to the gated parking area on the right.

 35°51'22.14"N   80°26'41.50"W
To access the other the other two parking areas continue traveling Riverview Road approximately 1.9 miles to the end of the pavement.

35°50'22.48"N   80°26'49.93"W
And then from there continue on the graveled section another 0.6 mile to a gated parking area.
 35°50'6.41"N  80°27'19.42"W

For an online interactive map of Perkins, please visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website @ www.ncwildlife.org or click HERE to link to the interactive maps.

A detailed map of Perkins in PDF form can be found HERE.

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